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Your Options for Fixing a Blown Head Gasket

Your car’s head gasket is a simple piece of metal coated in a rubber-like material, and yet head gasket failure is one of the single most crippling ailments an engine can face. We talk to customers every day about it. To understand why this is such a big deal, you need to understand the important role your head gasket plays in your engine’s health.

What Does a Head Gasket Do?
In the simplest terms, your engine can be separated into two major sections. The top of the engine, where valves control airflow in and out of the cylinders and fuel is introduced to the cylinder bank, is called the head. The…

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What Causes a Blown Head Gasket?

A blown head gasket is a major pain. At the very least, a leak in your head gasket means your vehicle is off the road for repairs, and in the worst cases, your engine can suffer major damage and you could wind up scrapping the car. It’s important to understand what can cause a blown head gasket, so you can be aware of the symptoms and react before it’s too late.

When you react in time with help from Bar’s Leaks head gasket repair products, you can avoid costly and time-consuming physical repairs.
The Causes
To start, you need to be able to recognize the signs of a blown head gasket. Your head gasket is a metallic seal that…

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La Niña Predicted to Bring Cold Snowy Winter: Get Ready for Spike in Cooling System Leaks

Every year, Bar’s Leaks®  is asked by the media to highlight four affordable solutions to repair cooling system leaks, which are more frequent during the cold months. Here are this year’s recommendations based on our experience.

Winter is hard on vehicle cooling systems, and weather predictors like AccuWeather are forecasting this year’s switch from El Niño to La Niña to bring bitter cold in the Northern Rockies and Northern Plains, persistent cold in New England and heavy snowfall in the Great Lakes region. This harsh weather will result in many vehicles – especially older vehicles – being unable to keep their engines at a constant operating temperature due to a variety of…

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What Does a Blown Head Gasket Mean?

If a blown head gasket sounds bad to you, that’s because it is. A blown head gasket is one of the more troublesome and expensive engine problems you can face. Replacing a blown head gasket takes hours of work and high costs in parts and labor. Additionally, by the time your head gasket has blown, you might also have done other damage to your engine.

At Bar’s Leaks, we specialize in products that are proven to stop and repair cylinder head gasket leaks. With 69 years of experience, we are so confident in our products that we offer a lifetime guarantee on our HG-1 Blown Head Gasket Repair product. A blown head gasket may sound scary,…

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What are Some Symptoms of a Blown Head Gasket?

A blown head gasket is a major problem. It can starve your engine of the coolant it needs to keep from overheating, and it can allow your coolant and oil to mix. Once that happens, if you continue driving, your engine can suffer catastrophic failure, making it undriveable.

At that point, the only solution is an expensive engine rebuild or replacement. Thankfully, Bar’s Leaks exists to prevent that from happening. Our proven products are easy to use — and you don’t need to be a mechanic or car expert.

The most important thing to do is identify a problem with your head gasket before it becomes a major leak. Here are some of the most telltale symptoms…

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