How Does Radiator Stop Leak Work?

We like to write about our radiator stop leak products a lot on this blog (we are known for cooling system repair solutions, after all!), but some of you might want to know exactly how they work! Thanks to a time-tested and proven chemical formulation, our radiator stop leak products make quick work of stopping minor-to-moderate radiator leaks for good.

Unlike products from years ago that simply gummed-up holes as a temporary fix (and often gummed up coolant passages and heater cores at the same time!), our radiator stop leak won’t cause any degradation in the flow or performance of your radiator. We always instruct customers to install our products into a clean cooling system, which sometimes means a flush will be useful. Why? Installing any chemical product into a dirty or partially-clogged system isn’t advisable, and can cause more problems downstream.

Stopping Leaks When They Start

The key to getting the most out of our Bar’s Leaks radiator stop leak products is to apply them at the first sign of a leak – seriously, don’t wait. By the time you have a major leak, there is often significant radiator damage and the radiator itself often needs to be replaced, which is a costly proposition. Don’t go there!

When you first detect a coolant leak, either due to a puddle on the ground, wet coolant around the base of your radiator or a low coolant level, try adding one of our bestselling cooling system repair products. We can stop minor (and even moderate) leaks and get you back on the road for many more miles.


History of Stop Leak Products

As vehicles and cooling systems have become more complex, so have radiator stop leak products. Before our advanced technical formulations were created, most stop leak products relied on a swelling or gumming to block leaks. Think of them as shoving chewing gum into a crack in a water tank! It can help slow the leak, but over time the product will dry out and allow the leak to start again.

Many early radiator sealant products were based on nuts or plant matter. While they were better than nothing, science has helped us make great strides. Today, our advanced formulations include oxygen-reactive chemical compounds that bind with steel, copper and aluminum, depending on the nature of your radiator, to create a nearly permanent seal.

Due to the complexity of radiator design and the lack of access at the front of your vehicle, physically locating or repairing radiator leaks is virtually impossible short of replacing it. To save money and hassle, use one of our radiator stop leak products mentioned previously. We provide detailed directions on every bottle and can have you back on the road in a short amount of time. Locate a nearby vendor using our online store locator or check for Bar’s Leaks at major online vendors like Walmart and Amazon.

Questions about any of this? Contact us and we’ll be happy to chat with you and walk you through the problem you’re facing. That’s what we’re here for.

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