How to Fix a Radiator Leak Quickly


If you’ve ever gone out to start your car and seen a puddle of coolant underneath, you know what a hassle it is. When your engine coolant has leaked out, it’s important not to start your engine. You risk overheating and causing major damage. Thankfully, there is a fast, easy and reliable solution: Bar’s Leaks coolant system repair products.

As with all under-the-hood leaks, it’s important to react as soon as you detect a coolant leak. At the first sign of leaking coolant or low coolant levels, think about addressing the problem before it becomes a major one. We suggest you follow a few simple steps to fix your radiator leak quickly and get back on the road:

  • Inspect your radiator: Always exercise extreme caution when inspecting your radiator. Coolant can be hot and under pressure, and it can burn your skin or get in your eyes. Wear safety glasses and protective clothing, and always first inspect when your engine is cold and turned off. Once you know where the leak is — in the radiator itself, at the radiator tank interface or at the hoses connections — you can best decide how to address it.
  • Tighten all connections: Take the time to verify all radiator hoses and clamps. Sometimes a coolant leak may simply be the result of a loose or rusted clamp. Tighten all clamps where possible, and replace any clamps that are broken or too rusted to tighten. Also remember to check your radiator cap, as the pressure relief springs can wear out over time and allow a coolant leak under pressure. In some cases, tightening a few hose clamps is all it will take to stop your radiator leaks.
  • Perform a coolant flush: A dirty, gummy coolant circuit can mask a leak. The problem with this is that a leak can spring open at any time and leave you stranded on the side of the road. Performing a coolant flush can help move any debris and locate any leaks. It’s better to find out you have a leak when you’re in position to repair it than have it surprise you later on! Fresh coolant will also help keep your engine running at the right temperature.
  • Install a Bar’s Leak solution: We carry over a dozen different products designed to stop radiator leaks and treat your radiator for various problems. Depending on the type and nature of your radiator — copper, aluminum, plastic tanks, etc. — we have different products engineered to stop your leaks. All our products are easy to use and are meant to be a quick and permanent solution to a radiator coolant leak. Simply follow the directions on the product and in short time, you’re back on the road. We’ve been in the cooling system business for over 60 years, and we’ve sold millions of cooling system and radiator treatments worldwide. We know cooling systems, because fixing them was what our company was founded on in 1947.


Find out how Bar’s Leaks has become an industry leader in stopping automotive leaks for good. Our products have been used in OEM and military applications for decades and are sure to work for you. Check out our full list of solutions for radiator leaks, and make quick work of your leak today!

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