The Basics of Cooling System Maintenance

We don’t often think about our cooling systems. We fire up our vehicles and drive to where we need to go. On top of regular checks of your engine oil, tires and brakes, it’s a good idea to add your cooling system to your vehicle maintenance checklist. A clean and efficient cooling system not only helps extend the life of your vehicle, but it can also help avoid costly overheating or breakdown issues that occur due to cooling system negligence. The #1 reason we hear about that get people stuck on the side of the road is – you guessed it – cooling system problems. Let’s give some attention where it’s due.

How Does My Cooling System Work?

All vehicle cooling systems include a cooling circuit through the engine block and head with a gasket sealing the two. Coolant hoses and a pump circulate coolant (also called antifreeze) through your engine and through the radiator at the front of your vehicle, which uses outside air to cool the coolant so it can remove more heat from your engine. This endless loop keeps your vehicle cool in all conditions and at all speeds.

Common Cooling System Maintenance Items

There are a few ways to maintain your cooling system and ensure that it’s working its best. A clean cooling system also helps avoid accumulation of dirt and debris that can lead to blockage and corrosion. Take these following steps to guarantee a reliable cooling system:

  • Check your coolant level often and top-up if necessary
  • Check for leaks and coolant consumption — possible signs of head gasket wear or failure
  • Have your coolant tested, especially if you have cold winters
  • Watch for rust or discoloration in your coolant — an indication of corrosion
  • Have your cooling system flushed every 5 years or 30,000 miles

If you have detected any leaks in your cooling system or suspect you have a blown head gasket (detectable as increased coolant consumption with no visible leaks as well as white smoke coming from your tailpipe), it’s time to act. Using one of our industry-leading cooling system or head gasket leak products can help seal leaks before they become a major problem and cause costly engine damage.

You can find Bar’s Leaks products at a store near you — simply check our handy online locator to find the nearest location. You can also find our products through popular online sources like Walmart and Amazon, so place your order today and make sure your cooling system is performing perfectly and keeping you on the road.


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