“Will keep a bottle in every vehicle from now on!”

Nothing is nicer than heading into a holiday weekend with a great testimonial emailed to us by a customer. This time, it’s Bob S. from Springfield, VA, who used our original Bar’s Leaks Pelletized Heavy Duty Stop Leak (p/n PLT11) combined with Bar’s Leaks Radiator Stop Leak 2X Concentrate (p/n 1194) to get his family back from a road trip safely. Bob says:

Was halfway through a 4,000 mile family road trip and developed a cracked radiator on a 5.4 L Ford E150; leaking a quart of fluid every 300 miles. One bottle of pelletized Bar’s got me from Dallas to San Antonio to Houston to Pensacola to Montgomery in 104 degree heat over three days; a bottle of 2X concentrate got me the rest of the way to Virgina over two days. Used to use this stuff in Army jeeps back in the 80’s; was glad to see it’s still around. Will keep a bottle in every vehicle from now on! Replacing the radiator in the Ford today because yes, the crack was about eight inches long across the top of the radiator!

We hear this story more than you’d think: someone’s out on a long road trip, they have a problem with their radiator (or even head gasket), and our products get them home safely and with lots of money still in their pocket. This sort of email makes it all worthwhile.

Thanks a ton for writing, Bob. And nice van, by the way!

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