5 Benefits of an Engine Flush

Most vehicle owners aren’t aware of the benefits of an engine flush. But in our business, a clean engine is critical when talking about installing chemical repair solutions. Dirt is the enemy. While a flush does not have to be performed with every oil change, an engine flush goes a long way to extending the life of your car. The complexity of car engines and the number of moving parts mean that any contamination or defect in lubrication can cause premature wear. Consider an engine flush during your next oil change to ‘reset’ your engine and start the counter at 0 again – it’s like a detox for your car.

What Is an Engine Flush, Anyway?

Note that we are talking about an engine flush in this blog post, not a cooling system flush. That’s a different procedure.

In plain terms, an engine flush is an aftermarket chemical solution formulated to remove accumulated deposits and sludge from your engine, which form over time and with daily use. Installation is dead simple: you pour it into your engine’s crankcase and idle the engine for 15-20 minutes. The flush solution combines with the oil and circulates through the engine, which begins the cleaning process. Once the idle interval is up, you drain the now-dirty oil, change the oil filter, add new oil and get back to your life.

The Top Benefits

These are the main reasons for having your engine flushed, instead of simply draining the oil and changing the filter:

  • An engine flush removes deposits. Sludge, gunk and carbon deposits can accumulate in your engine, reducing power, increasing wear and affecting your fuel economy. A professional flush removes most of your deposits and drains them out.
  • Flushing is like giving your engine a “clean slate.” A simple oil change doesn’t get your engine close to like-new in the same way an engine flush does. Just as a cleanse does your body good, an oil flush is a good idea, especially after engine repairs or parts replacement.
  • It keeps your new oil cleaner. Putting clean oil in a dirty engine means your oil doesn’t stay clean for long. You don’t want your new oil to pick up the old sludge and deposits left during your oil change, where they can be deposited right back in your engine.
  • Engine flushing removes what your filter misses. A new filter will help remove impurities and contamination, but no filter is 100% effective at cleaning your oil. Flush out gunk so that your filter can remove what’s remaining without getting clogged right away with old oil residue.
  • A flush will clean engine parts. You can’t get at most engine parts without tearing your engine apart, a costly and time-consuming affair. Use a professional flush to clean internal engine components so that your new oil can lubricate them properly.

You can trust our Bar’s Leaks team to help you get more from your engine. Use our distributor locator to find a location near you that sells our products or fill out our contact form if you would like more information on the benefits of an engine flush or using any of our products.

We don’t sell an engine flush, but when it comes to installing any of our products, we recommend as clean an environment as possible before installation begins. This is especially true when it comes to any of our cooling system products, but the same recommendation carries over to installing any of our oil repair solutions as well.

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