How to Stop a Car Oil Leak

It’s usually pretty easy to discover you have an oil leak — you see that dark oil stain on your garage floor or in your driveway. It’s an obvious sign that your oil is leaking from your engine, usually around the oil pan MS-1_Box_webgasket. While a tiny leak doesn’t necessarily present an immediate concern for your engine, it’s a sign something is wrong, and your car’s oil system needs attention.

An oil leak is a problem for several reasons:

  • If enough oil leaks out and your oil pump gets starved of engine oil, it won’t be able to pump enough to lubricate your engine when it’s running. That means extra wear, reduced fuel economy and possibly significant damage that requires costly repairs.1040-PNG
  • An oil leak, even a small one, represents an environmental concern. The oil that leaks from your car in parking lots and while you’re driving will eventually find its way into the water stream, which has a negative effect on flora and fauna.
  • A puddle of oil can represent a slip hazard. Even a small amount of oil on the bottom of your shoes can make you slip and fall, possibly injuring yourself. With enough oil on the ground, it can even be a problem for cars and cyclists, who will have difficulty stopping.
  • Losing oil is the same as losing money. A few drips here and there may not represent much money, but over weeks, months and years, it can start to add up. With the cost of modern engine oils, it doesn’t take long before you’re feeling it in the wallet.

Thankfully, we have a easy, affordable solutions that have been proven over the course of years and millions of customers. A simple application of our brand-new Main Seal Motor Oil Leak Repair (p/n MS-1), Concentrated Rear Main Seal Repair (p/n 1040) or Engine Oil Stop Leak Concentrate (p/n 1010) will stop your engine oil leak and get you back on the road in just a few minutes. You don’t need automotive expertise — we’ve been helping customer become ‘3-minute mechanics’ for nearly 70 years!

What Happens If You Don’t Repair Your Oil Leak?

1010You might see a small oil leak and decide it’s not worth your time to repair it. What’s a few drops of oil, right? The problem with most oil leaks, however, is that they don’t stay small for long. A leak, no matter how small, means there’s a gap in the seal somewhere in your engine. That gap will get bigger over time because of pressure, friction, thermal expansion and vibration. In many cases, you will notice the leak getting bigger, but in some cases your oil seal or gasket will suffer a major failure all at once. We know, we’ve talked to customers who have suffered through this.

The result is a major oil leak and a disabled car. It’s bad enough if it happens in your driveway, but it’s much more inconvenient and dangerous far from home and on a dark highway at night, for example. Don’t put yourself in that situation. At the first sign of an engine oil leak, pour in a bottle of Bar’s Leak and stop that oil leak before it becomes a problem. Then enjoy years of reassured driving thanks to our experience stopping engine oil leaks for the long haul!

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