Why is my Car Leaking Oil When Parked on a Hill?

Depending on the cause and location of an engine oil leak, you may not detect it all the time. Sometimes an oil leak will only present itself when you’re parked on an incline. Even if this kind of leak doesn’t appear all the time, you need to take action once you notice it. Any engine oil leak means you’re losing oil and you risk running your engine without enough oil for lubrication and cooling. Oil leaks are bad, and we’ve seen what happens when they’re ignored for too long. Hint: nothing good.

1334If you only notice an engine oil leak when you’re parked in an incline, it might be because:

  • Your engine oil leak is on one side of your engine: A leak in an engine gasket or seal may be isolated to one specific area. When inclined, your engine oil may reach the location of the failed seal and leak out onto the ground. Picture a glass half full of water. If you tilt it enough, water will eventually leak out. The same can happen with your engine oil.
  • Oil is collecting on a shield or frame component: You may have a regular leak all the time, but the engine oil is collecting on a shroud, heat shield or other part of your engine cradle or frame. When parked on an incline, this oil then flows down and pools on the ground. This type of leak needs to be repaired quickly, as you can run out of oil in a short time when driving.

It’s important to remember that any engine oil leak is a problem, and some are more tricky than others. You might think that simply parking your vehicle on level ground solves the problem, but that’s not attacking the root cause of the issue. The oil on the ground is the symptom, but the cause is a problem with a gasket, seal or leak in your engine block, lines or oil pan. In all cases, all it takes is one application of our technician-proven Bar’s Leaks engine oil stop leak products. They’re specially formulated to stop your engine oil leaks quickly with no fuss.

1010You don’t need to be a trained mechanic. Simply choose the engine oil stop leak product that suits your leak and follow the instructions on the bottle. You can choose from:

Use our store locator to find Bar’s Leaks engine oil stop leak products near you and take care of your engine oil leaks today.

Last thing: if you have questions about your oil leak issues, we can help. Hit us up on Facebook, or simply contact us and we’ll have someone get back to you right away.

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