Why Is My Vehicle Burning Oil?

Have you noticed a puff of blue smoke when you fire your vehicle up? That is one telltale sign that your engine is burning oil. While a small amount of smoke maybe isn’t a major problem, it’s a sign that your engine is starting to wear out. There are two locations where oil typically gets into your combustion chambers:

  • Valve seals: The valves in each cylinder have small seals to keep oil from flowing directly into your engine. In normal operation, the oil present keeps the seals lubricated, but over time those seals can wear out and start to crack. When this happens, excess oil leaks into the engine and burns off, creating that blue smoke.
  • Piston rings: Your piston rings seal the cylinders of your engine during combustion, to keep the gases in and the oil out. Because they slide up and down with each piston stroke, piston ring seals are highly stressed and can eventually wear down from heat or friction, allowing too much oil to burn.

Unfortunately, both of these common causes for your car to burn oil require an engine teardown to physically repair either the valve stem seals in the head or the piston rings in the block. This major work costs a lot of money and takes your vehicle out of service for an extended period of time.

How to Stop Your Car from Burning Oil

To stop your vehicle from burning oil, you can always consider using a bottle of our Bar’s Leaks Valve Seal Oil Consumption Repair. This advanced product has been formulated to lubricate your valve stem seals and help them function properly again. You simply add the contents of the bottom to your oil, which is much faster and more affordable than replacing your seals individually.

You can use our handy store locator to find the nearest location that carries Bar’s Leaks products. If your car is burning oil and you see that puff of blue smoke on startup, smell oil when your vehicle is hot, notice the level of your oil going down quickly or find leaks on the ground, take action. Trust Bar’s Leaks Valve Seal Oil Consumption repair to reduce or even eliminate the oil leaking at your valve stem seals. Contact us today.

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