4 Little Known Facts That Can Boost Your Fuel Economy

While there are some commonly known ways to get better fuel economy — use a higher grade of fuel, a clean air filter, new plugs and wires, etc. — there are several other lesser-known facts that can help improve your fuel mileage, if even a little bit. If changing your vehicle to a newer, more fuel-efficient model isn’t an option, consider these simple methods of obtaining better fuel economy:

  • Remove dead weight: This is the biggie – no pun intended (well, maybe a little). Carrying around extra weight you don’t need in your trunk and car really cuts into your fuel economy. That is why most modern cars don’t have a spare tire and instead include a tire repair kit and lightweight inflator. Consider removing all non-essential items and watch your fuel mileage improve. (As a bonus, you might notice slightly improved acceleration and passing power, too. WIN.)
  • Avoid bad driving habits: Jack-rabbit stops and panic-braking are two of the worst driving habits for fuel economy. Smoothness is king: accelerate at a reasonable speed from stop lights and coast to lose speed before braking to boost your fuel economy. Using cruise control or maintaining a steady speed on the highway is another way to get more out of every gallon of gas.
  • Keep your tires inflated properly: Most people know that under-inflated tires can drop your fuel economy, but did you know that over-inflated tires are no better? Not only will you use more fuel, but you will wear your tires unevenly and are at risk of an accident due to reduced grip and traction.
  • Change your oil regularly: Old oil in your engine breaks down and can create sludge that lowers performance. As a result, your engine has to work harder to deliver enough power to the drivetrain. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for oil changes and choose a quality synthetic oil (or synthetic blend) for the best fuel economy results.

Improving your fuel economy isn’t complicated. Combine all of these tips, and you will see a noticeable decrease in fuel consumption. There are also a number of Bar’s Leaks oil additives and stop-leak products that include ingredients for cleaning, sealing and improving your engine performance and fuel economy – even if leaks haven’t formed yet.

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