Testimonial: Bar’s Leaks Head Gasket Repair Saves a $2,000 Hard Repair

1100 PNGPaul F. from Pacifica, CA writes:

I just finished using Bar’s Leaks Head Gasket Repair on my 1992 Volvo 960. This after getting a second engine only to find after installation that it too had the same problem as the old one. In short, it worked (so far) and I love it. It saved me about $2000. I

I have a comment about the instructions. Most mechanics say they don’t like it (probably because it does not make them a cent) because it tends to plug the small passageways in the radiator and cause overheating and engine failure. Your instructions clearly state to get ALL of the antifreeze out of the engine system BEFORE using the product. This is an important point. I actually recommending flushing twice.

This will STOP these stupid complaints from people who say it doesn’t work or it plugged their radiator or these false claims and statements by “professional” mechanics, who should know better and should so advise their clients who do not wish to spend the heavy bucks to fix their car. Volvo 960 engines are infamous for broken head bolts mainly because they are long, tempered steel bolts set into an aluminum block and they gall and break above the threads when trying to remove them. We broke three on the first engine trying to replace the head gasket and that is why the second engine was my decision. A long comment and I hope that you don’t mind. Thanks to Bar’s Leaks, I am now a devotee forever.

The product Paul is taking about is our Bar’s Leaks Head Gasket Repair (p/n 1100), and it’s one our most popular of all time. But like Paul mentions, flushing your system first is mandatory. If you have any doubts, flush twice.

More information on Bar’s Leaks Head Gasket Repair can be found here.

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