What Could Cause a Transmission Leak?

1334Ask anyone who knows cars what kind of leak they dread the most, and they’ll probably say an automatic transmission fluid leak. Automatic transmissions are incredibly complex, and they’re not easily accessible.

If you have to drop a transmission and replace lines or a seal, you’re looking at a lot of time, money and effort. Your vehicle will also be out of service for a long time. Since some transmission aren’t easily serviced, even if you’re mechanically inclined, you’ll likely have to take it to a professional transmission shop and pay their high rates.

Thankfully, we have a better solution. For mild to moderate automatic transmission fluid leaks, our Bar’s Leaks products are your fast, affordable and reliable answer. For 69 years, our experts have been providing helping you take care of your transmission leaks for a fraction of the price of a professional repair. We’ll turn you into a ‘3-minute mechanic’ and allow you to treat your own automatic transmission leak right at your own home.

There are several symptoms of a transmission fluid leak to watch out for:

  • You see a ‘low transmission fluid level’ light on newer cars or a low level on the dipstick when you check the level manually under the hood.
  • There’s a performance problem related to your transmission (difficulty shifting into or out of park, rough shifts, decreased fuel economy, etc.)
  • You find a noticeable leak underneath your vehicle, in your garage, driveway or parking space — in some cases your fluid may not leak unless your car is running.

1400Once you’ve detected your leak, it’s time to fix it. This is the easy part. We have several different products suitable for sealing mild to moderate automatic transmission fluid leaks:

  • One Stop Leak Repair: This versatile product is formulated to work on a variety of under-hood fluids, such as automatic transmission fluid, engine oil and power steering fluid. This makes it convenient to carry with you in case of a surprise leak on the road.
  • ATF Repair: Our ATF-specific stop leak product contains the right mix of chemicals and solids to fill even moderate leaks. It only takes a few minutes to complete work, and you’re back on the road for years to come. ATF Repair is compatible with all years of automatic transmission.
  • ATF Repair Concentrate: If you require a strong, concentrated automatic transmission fluid leak stopper, this is the product for you. It gets your leak stopped and you back on the road in no time at all, saving you time and money over a physical repair.

Don’t let a fluid leak in your automatic transmission seals, gaskets or lines ruin your day. Stock up now on Bar’s Leaks automatic transmission fluid leak products and make sure you’re ready the moment you detect a leak.

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