How to Stop a Transmission Leak

Stopping a transmission leak sounds like a complicated task. Many car owners think that a transmission fluid leak automatically means an expensive and costly visit to the mechanic. Thankfully, there’s a much faster and more affordable solution. At Bar’s Leak, we offer a range of industry-proven transmission leak repair products that are designed to make quick work of stopping your transmission fluid leaks, so you can get back on the road. We know – we’ve been in the leak business for over 70 years.

Transmission leaks can come from several places:

  • Leaking gaskets or seals (including transmission fluid pan)
  • Transmission cooler or cooling line leaks
  • A hole or puncture in your transmission casing

1400If you develop a leak in any of these locations, you need to act quickly – time is not on your side. It’s never a good idea to drive your vehicle with your transmission fluid below the minimum level. Adding a bottle of one One Seal Stop Leak or Transmission Seal Stop Leak products is often all it takes to seal your leak. Then all you have to do is check your transmission fluid level. If the level has dropped below the minimum level indicated on the dipstick, simply top it off with the transmission fluid suggested in your owner’s manual and you’re ready to drive again.

Our transmission fluid stop leak products are compatible with a variety of transmission fluids in new and late-model cars. One application is often all it takes to seal your transmission leaks. The directions are clearly printed on the bottle and are easy enough for anyone to use. You don’t need any automotive repair experience — simply add the Bar’s Leaks formula to your transmission fill point and you’re done. In most cases, you’ll also see an improvement in performance and efficiency of your automatic transmission thanks to our unique additives and conditioners. Not only do you repair your leak, but you also enhance your transmission function at the same time.

At the first sign of a transmission leak, remember Bar’s Leaks – we’ve been in the automotive leak business for over 70 years, including OEM and military applications. There’s no easier or faster way to take care of an automatic transmission leak than with one of our proven transmission fluid stop leak products. Use our locator to find the nearest place to purchase our entire range of Bar’s Leaks automotive fluids and stop leak products today!

Also, have questions about your transmission problem? We can help. Hit us up on Facebook, or simply contact us and we’ll have someone get back to you right away.

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