Symptoms of a Transmission Leak


As far as vehicle fluid leaks, a transmission fluid leak is one of the more problematic. Driving your car with low transmission fluid can cause serious damage in a short time. Your transmission relies on its oil to help lubricate and avoid friction and heat build-up. The high pressures in automotive transmissions can also turn a mall leak into a major one quickly, and the complexity of a transmission installation means that a physical repair for a leak is a major headache.

Thankfully, we have a lineup of proven Bar’s Leaks transmission leak products that will take care of your transmission fluid leak quickly and affordably.

What to Watch For

There are several telltale signs of a transmission leak:

  • A puddle on the ground: The most obvious sign of a transmission leak is discovering a pool of transmission fluid under your vehicle. Most leaks start small, so check your regular parking spot often. A few drops aren’t necessarily a major problem, but it will be the sign that you have the start of a leak. If you can treat a leak before it becomes a major one, you can often avoid costly transmission damage and repairs.
  • Low transmission fluid level: While many modern vehicles don’t give access to check the transmission fluid level — due to sealed transmissions only serviceable by a mechanic — older cars usually include a dipstick for checking the transmission fluid level. It only takes a moment to check the level. You always want to be between the minimum and maximum — remember that over-filling can be as bas as under-filling!
  • Drivability issues: Even if you haven’t seen any leaks, you may still notice problems with your transmission while driving. A transmission that hunts, shifts roughly or bogs down could be a sign that your transmission fluid level is low. If you feel anything wrong with your transmission, stop driving as soon as possible. Due to the complexity of the automotive transmission, you can quickly do major damage if the fluid level is low.

Once you’ve determined you have a leak, it’s important to act fast. You may not be worried about a few drips of transmission fluid, but if your transmission seal or one of the lines fails, you could lose all your fluid and be stranded on the side of the road.

Check the Price of a Transmission Rebuild Lately?

Before you inquire about how much it costs to have your transmission serviced, make sure you’re sitting down! Even a simple transmission repair can cost a small fortune, due to the complexity of dropping the transmission and replacing the seals. Thanks to our Bar’s Leaks transmission and oil stop leak products, we can help you avoid costly and lengthy physical leak repair.

We have spent over 60 years creating our unique formulations that meet many OEM and military application standards. Unlike competing products, our transmission leak seal products are permanent and will help keep your car on the road for years to come. Find out how Bar’s Leaks has become a leader in automotive fluid leaks with our proven and trusted transmission oil leak solutions!

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