Will Stop Leak Products Damage My Car?

For nearly 100 years, customers have been trusting us to stop their automotive fluid leaks and get them back on the road affordably. It’s what we’re known for; it’s what we do. Our advanced formulations seal small- to medium-sized leaks quickly and in many cases for good after just one application.

Some people are leery of stop leak products because they fear damage to their engine or cooling system. At Bar’s Leaks, we take the time to test and validate our formulations, including for many OEM, military and commercial applications. Or proven products are compatible with all new and late-model vehicles. Our chemical products work with your engine, radiator, hoses, lines and other components without concern for damage. Yes, there are lesser brands on the market, and sometimes our reputation suffers because of their quality and ineffectiveness. But when Bar’s Leaks is being used by OEMs and professional shops when the situation calls for it, you know you’re dealing with a quality product.

Bar’s Leaks for Your Vehicle

While we’re confident in our products, that doesn’t mean we can say the same for all stop leak products. Other brands may not test their formulations the way we do, or they might not be willing to shoulder the cost of the ingredients we use. In the end, off-brand products could possibly damage your engine – we hear stories about it on a weekly basis. When you carefully follow the instructions for our engine, radiator or other stop leak products, there is no risk of damage. Always remember these points:

  • Bar’s Leaks stop leak products work for small to moderate leaks. Large leaks, especially those due to physical damage, usually require component repair or replacement.
  • Inferior products don’t have the reputation of Bar’s Leaks products. Don’t let a few bad products scare you away from our top quality stop leak formulations that have proven success.
  • You must apply our stop leak products to a clean fluid system. This is a biggie. Dirty or contaminated oil, coolant, transmission fluid or other fluids need to be drained and replaced before Bar’s Leaks products can be effective. You can’t expect to install a product into a dirty environment and have it perform as advertised.


There’s a Bar’s Leaks product for every automotive fluid application, so avoid the expense and hassle of taking your vehicle to the mechanic when you detect a fluid leak.

Find the Product That’s Right for Your Specific Problem

To get a hold of Bar’s Leak products, use our handy online locator (for our full product catalog, see here). Use your zip code to locate a distributor near you. You can also contact our Michigan-based support team to learn more about any of our products and to discover why more customers are turning to Bar’s Leaks with the confidence it won’t cause problems with their cooling system or engine.

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