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“An Absolute MIRACLE Product!”

L. G. Lotrey from Novi, MI writes about our famous Bar’s Leaks Liquid Radiator Stop Leak product:
The C-16 is an absolute MIRACLE PRODUCT !!! It completely cured my daughter’s 1997 Ford Escort head gasket leak. I know you have other products more specifically meant for head gaskets, but we weren’t totally sure it was just the head gasket. The C-16 covered more areas of concern.

We had been fighting a nagging coolant leak which was never visible, only indication were bubbles observed inside the overflow bottle – even at idle. She leaked at least 1 gallon a week for months. I didn’t want to spend $$$ for someone else or for me to do a head…

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Falcon F7 on Display in the Bar’s Products Booth at AAPEX

This year in our AAPEX booth (#4416), we’re featuring a beastly Michigan-made horizontal rollercoaster known as the Falcon F7. Its looks are one thing — they stop people dead in their tracks. But the Falcon’s specs are what really raise eyebrows:

Body: paint-finished carbon fiber
Engine: LS7 Corvette engine — 7.0L, 427 c.i. supercharged V8, 620 HP, 585 lb/ft torque @ 5400 rpm
0-60: Approx 3.3-3.6 seconds
Top Speed: Approx. 190-200 MPH
1/4 Mile: 10.9 seconds
Lateral Acceleration: 1.1-1.3g maximum
60-0 Braking: Under 100 ft.

The people behind Falcon are as passionate about building a real-world supercar as we are making automotive chemicals that rise above the rest and work as promised. So far, this car is the star of the show. If you’re at AAPEX in Vegas,…

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Testimonial: Bar’s Leaks Head Gasket Repair Saves a $2,000 Hard Repair

Paul F. from Pacifica, CA writes:
I just finished using Bar’s Leaks Head Gasket Repair on my 1992 Volvo 960. This after getting a second engine only to find after installation that it too had the same problem as the old one. In short, it worked (so far) and I love it. It saved me about $2000. I

I have a comment about the instructions. Most mechanics say they don’t like it (probably because it does not make them a cent) because it tends to plug the small passageways in the radiator and cause overheating and engine failure. Your instructions clearly state to get ALL of the antifreeze out of the engine system BEFORE using the product. This is…

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New Bar’s Leaks® Concentrated Rear Main Seal Repair™ Stops Oil Leaks Affordably

Holly, Mich. (Aug. 14, 2012) — As part of its commitment to providing low-cost vehicle stop leak solutions, Bar’s Leaks introduces Concentrated Rear Main Seal Repair. The new concentrated formula provides the same unique blend of polymers, lubricity agents, anti-oxidants and conditioners as the original Rear Main Seal Repair in a much smaller bottle: 16.9 oz. vs. 32 oz.

“Bar’s Leaks has offered affordable stop leak solutions since 1947,” explains Clay Parks, vice president of development. “As the cost of some of the non-essential ingredients in our product has increased, we looked at the best ways to keep our price as low as possible for our customers. Reducing the base oil while maintaining the same level of key additives allows us to offer a Concentrated…