Learning the Colors of Different Car Fluid Leaks

There is a variety of car fluids in your vehicle, each designed to do a specific job. Recognizing different car fluid colors can help you identify leaks when they happen and make the necessary repairs. While the colors of fluids for some vehicles can vary, for the most part, this guide should help you with identifying and determining car fluids. As you might imagine, if something is leaking, the first step is figuring out what it is.

Follow the Leak

The first step when you see a leak is to identify the type of fluid, then find where it is coming from. Some leaks are easy to fix by simply tightening a clamp or replacing a hose. In other cases, one of our Bar’s Leaks treatments may be the way to go — including Cooling System Repair, Engine Oil Stop Leak Concentrate, Transmission Fluid Stop Leak Concentrate and Power Steering Repair.

Our formulations are designed to stop different types of leaks, depending on their nature, and often work in a single treatment. If your leak is major, it may require replacing certain engine components, so it is always best to react as soon as you detect a leak to avoid major repairs.

These are the colors of some common fluids found in a car:

  • Dark brown/black: Engine oil is dark brown when it is new but becomes black as it gets dirty. Engine oil is relatively thick and floats on water, which can help you differentiate it from other fluids.
  • Green/orange: Traditional engine coolant — a glycol and water mixture — is green, though many newer vehicles use coolant that is orange or even pink or blue.
  • Red/brown: Fresh automatic transmission fluid is red, but like engine oil, it darkens with use. Transmission fluid is a thick oil and will feel slippery on your fingers.
  • Power steering fluid: This fluid is often a variant of automatic transmission fluid and is therefore similar in color — reddish brown when new, darker when used.
  • Brake fluid: Brake fluid is nearly clear when new, but it quickly takes on a yellow, beige or dark brown color when it is used. Due to safety concerns, brake fluid leaks require professional service and repair.

Get to know the different colors of the fluids under your hood, and it will be easier to determine when you have a leak and what exactly is leaking. Minor to moderate leaks can be stopped for good with our range of Bar’s Leaks chemical repair products. Simply select the product that suits your leak and you’ll be moving in the right direction. You can also use our online locator to find a retailer that carries our products near you.

If you have questions about your specific problem or situation, we are here to help. Our team is available by phone or web message to answer your questions and help you choose the right product to fix your leak before it takes your vehicle off the road. If you prefer to hit us up on Facebook, no problem. Connect with us right here.

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